ASPCA Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Taiwan's insanely cruel contest

Help WSPA end cruel contest in Taiwan

Every year in Taiwan hundreds of pigs are force-fed to increase their weight to grotesque proportions and then sacrificed for a festival known as the "Pigs of God" contest. For up to two years pigs are confined and force-fed, sometimes using sand or heavy metals to add as much weight as possible.

Unable to move or stand, the pigs can reach four times their normal weight, and the heaviest wins. The animals are killed in front of a crowd by having their throats cut while fully conscious.

Under Taiwan's existing animal protection laws, the force-feeding and inhumane and public killing of animals are illegal. But the government has been unwilling to intervene for fear of a backlash from religious groups that claim the contest is part of their tradition, even though the contest dates back only 30 years.

You can help end this cruelty

WSPA has partnered with our member society, the Environment and Animal Protection Society of Taiwan (EAST), to abolish the force-feeding and inhumane killing of pigs for the Pigs of God contest. We are jointly promoting an animal-friendly alternative contest where real animals are replaced by pigs made out of flowers or other materials.

A Pigs of God website has been developed to promote an on-line petition and the sending of letters of protest to the Taiwanese government. You can help by visiting the site to add your name to the thousands of others who want to see an end to this cruel spectacle. (Please be aware that when you access the site a video will begin playing automatically and that the video contains somewhat graphic images. However you will be able to exit the video by clicking the "X" to the upper right of the screen.)

After you sign the petition you'll be able to select a flower to place on a virtual pig and also have the option of sending a letter to Taiwan.

We hope WSPA supporters will join us in the campaign to end this cruel practice. Visit the Pigs of God website

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