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Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Unsporting Sports - 'CANNED HUNTS'

What Exactly Is 'Canned Hunts' ?

Trophy Hunts for Big Game Cowards Hunters!!

Big Profit Making Business for those who Buy, Sell, Trade, Breed, Raise & Supply Animals in demand for CANNED HUNTS.

Hunting: A Dying Sport

These video clips show hunters in a canned hunt situation. The lioness has been lured into a fenced paddock, by holding her cubs on one side of the fence. As she frantically tries to get to them in clip one, the hunters guide is trying to coax her away from the fence so that the hunters will have the feeling that they shot her in the wild. The second clip is very graphic and disturbing. The hunters shoot her to death, right in front of her crying cubs and then all gather around the dying lioness, with milk dripping from her teats, to have the pictures made. These take a while to load, but the animals need you to be patient and to see what is happening to them all across America. In many cases they are shot in transport cages and don't even have this much of a chance.

If you don't know what a canned hunt is, you're not alone. The folks who run these operations don't want people like you to see them -- ever. That's because the operators of canned hunts charge trophy hunters a fee to shoot captive, exotic animals at close range. Many of these so-called hunters have little experience with a rifle. The animal suffering can be extreme.

More than 1,000 commercial canned hunting operate across the country, which allow trophy hunters to kill exotic animals such as African lions, giraffes and blackbuck antelope who never even have a chance to escape. There is neither sportsmanship here nor ethics, only a desire to make money off the killing of captive animals.

Canned Hunting,A horror

The Horror of a "Canned" Lion Hunt

It seems unfathomable to those of us who love these magnificent animals but trophy hunting is currently a very serious threat to the African lion. Trophy hunting not only depletes the population of the African lion, but threatens its gene pool as well. Killing the dominant male of a pride (normally the target of a trophy hunt) sets off a chain of instinctive behavior in which the subsequent dominant male kills all the young of the previous dominant male (6-8 estimated deaths result from each male shot).
A hole in the reproductive cycle, a dwindling population, and a diminishment of the reproductive gene pool replace the natural process. Despite this fact, approximately 1,500 lions are killed every year in Southern Africa alone. Given the urgent need for revenue among African locals, and a willingness to pay handsomely for such trophies among Asians, Europeans and Westerner's, predators are increasingly hunted for sport, even as they disappear.

Over the past few years, we have been shocked and outraged by what we have seen and heard with regard to the "canned" hunting industry, an industry in which lions in captive conditions are bred for the hunter's gun. Witnesses have described scenarios of lions being taken to hunting farms and then shot in small confined areas by high-paying foreigners.

The following excerpt from Gareth Patterson's book "Dying to be Free - The Canned Lion Scandal" is a gruesome but accurate description of the actual "canned" lion hunt depicted in the adjacent photos from the Cook Report:

Canned Hunts Gunning for Trophies

Take a graphic look at an activity with little sportsmanship but plenty of suffering.

The Thrill of the Kill: Canned Hunts

Canned hunts are held at private trophy hunting facilities where shooters pay to kill exotic and native animals-even endangered species-trapped within fenced enclosures. Animals on canned hunts often come from private breeders, animal dealers, and even zoos and circuses. Frequently, the animals have been hand-raised and bottle-fed, so they have lost their fear of people.

Even in large enclosures on these so-called game farms, animals are lured with bait to a location where a shooter waits, thus removing any element of sportsmanship.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, I just wish someone would put those rednecks one by one in an electrified enclosure (to make sure they couldn't get out either) with five lions (just as there are five humans) without a means to protect themselves just like the lion was. Equal opportunity for the lions, no? Yes, too bad the lion wasn't on his mark, but he probably wasn't out to hurt his so called friend....he was probably trying to get his attention to HELP HIM!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Canned hunts is a good way to put it. I myself just like you referred to the 'redneck' hicks as cowards for years. The thing is, is that a lot of these canned hunts are sported by your very doctors and sports heros as well. I know this because I've seen them hunting on ranches on television. I used to make my ex so made by making fun of these idiots acting like they just one the lotto after shooting a defenseless animal just released into a penned area for kill. Lazy cowards who buy their kill and then jump up and down on TV so proud of being murderers. Way to go losers!

This is a great blog - I really hope you get the word out to many people and they see just who they really are.

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