ASPCA Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Get Angry - Then Get Motivated to help end this!

Once you watch this video, you should be angry enough to take action! Don't just sit back and say "I wish there was something I could do to help" or "So what can I do?" or "Will my voice even make a difference?"

There is so much you CAN do. Don't say you don't where to start...that's just a poor excuse.

If you say you love animals too much and you just can't stand to see or hear about the cruelty they face everyday, then you are part of the problem! Burying your head in the sand and pretending it doesn't exist won't stop it.
For every person who turns their back, there is an animal that is suffering needlessly.

The reality is, the number of animals suffering is far greater than the number of people speaking out to stop it!

And ask yourself this:

If you have young children or grandchildren, how would you feel, when they become an adult, if they chose one of these jobs?

Now is the time to BE A VOICE for these helpless creatures.
They are just as much a miracle of life as you are!

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