ASPCA Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Seal Hunt: The Killing Fields of Canada: IT MUST STOP!

From HSUS: Warning! Graphic footage may be contained in these Videos!

These video's are not posted for "shock value". They are posted because our mainstream media refuses to cover the horror of what happens every year in Canada. They are posted to educate those who don't know that the seal trimmed fur coat they wear comes from these Baby Seal Hunts. Yes, this is how you get your fur coat!
This is man's worst act of animal cruelty! This is "The Reality of What Humans Do"'

"Visiting the Harp Seal Nursery"

Rebecca's Journal "Days Before the Hunt"

Rebecca's Journal "Countdown to Cruelty"

Rebecca's Journal "Canada's Cruel Baby Seal Hunt"

"Baby Seals Killed In Nature Preserve"

Rebecca's Journal " Cruelty Close Up"

More Information at the Humane Society of the United States Animal Channel

Please sign the PLEDGE to SAVE THE SEALS. It is our hope that this brutality ends!

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DAPHNE said...

Canada once again has made the world furious...our hope is EU..i can only pray here so more sealers go to the bottom of the ocean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!