ASPCA Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For Your Entertainment!...Coming to A Town Near You!

Circuses would not be so fun if torture of animals was seen!

Why are the people who abuse animals looked upon with disgust, but when the circus comes to town, it's called "the greatest show on Earth?"

I think it's due to the fact that most people don't realize how cruel and torturous the circus is to the animals. Take elephants: a Peace Corps volunteer witnessed just how sensitive elephants are. He wrote: "(The baby elephant) would try to stand but would fall back on his side with a heart-wrenching scream. The mother would follow with a louder, seemingly more painful scream. She tried everything to help — she would drop to her knees and lift the baby with her trunk — each time he fell back — the baby would scream, the mother would scream. I saw the elephants stroke the mother's back reassuringly with their trunks.

Source of this article: New-Leader
March 3, 2008

*Do you LOVE Investigative Reporting? Real life MOB stories? Real-life deep, twisted SPY stories? Read just how far the mobster tied spies at Ringling will go to hide their dirty nasties, in this awesome investigative report by Magazine. I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed when you read this!!!:

If Ringling comes, you can also educate the schools about the Internet Child Porn scandal about a Ringling CLOWN. If animal abuse does not work, which often times it does not, we must make use of the other nasty habits and dirty, scandalous tricks circuses use to literally SCAM and mislead the public. As CNN reports:

A shocking 241-page report was documented with federal investigations about Ringling’s mistreatment of elephants and proof of how the USDA and APHIS has worked in cahoots with Ringling to cover up more of their dirty nasty elephant abuse and premature deaths.

Meet Tom Ryder, former Ringling employee:

Read about the negligent death of African Lion Clyde on the Ringling train when they refused to give him water and just plain air! And the death of baby elephant Ricardo who was being forced to train on a circus platform when he was only months old!

Carson and Barnes Circus, another never-ending string of tragedies:
Shocking eye witness testimony by a former employee:

Carson and Barnes’ shocking elephant training:

Watch the vid:

C&B, like Ringling, breeds elephants (who generally die prematurely). They legally, yet falsely claim “conservation.” Although they are only breeding to profit themselves. One primary example is the sad story of poor baby Jennie.

Last year, C&B used a humiliating photo ad of Jennie – even after she died at the young age of 5, still advertising her. They claimed publicly that it was a clerical error. However, they are still using the same ad this year.

They also claim she and baby Obert’s mother is ISLA (ILA) a traveling elephant when in fact their mother is ISA (a different ele) who is used for breeding at their breeding compound, not traveling. They took baby Obert away from her far too soon to perform, so they
claim ISLA is the mother to the media. Yet another scam to mislead the public about their elephant abuse. See the sickening ad featuring baby Jennie, still being used today (use password “jennie”):

A wealth of basic info- more links:

There is so much you can do – educate kids and parents in your community about all of these things. Tell your friends and family. Write your legislatures. If in the US, write your 2 Senators and Representative and ask them to take action against the use of animals in circuses.

C - is for the cages where we rot our lives away;

I - is for the indignity we suffer every day;

R - is for the ring where we perform for human glee;

C- is for the cruelty the audience doesn't see;

U - is for the ugliness behind the flash and glitter;

S - is for our slavery, so brutal and so bitter.

Boycott Animal Circuses

Support modern spectacular circuses like Cirque Du Soleil !

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