ASPCA Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So you say you LOVE animals? Did you know they are tortured and die for YOU?

If you use household products and toiletries, as most of us do, then you need to know how these products are tested! And we aren't just talking about mice here!

Do you smoke? Do you take medications? Do you use cosmetics? Are you aware that ALL of these tests performed on animals are insignificant to humans, therefore completely unnecessary. There ARE alternative methods for testing products that DO NOT use animals and it’s been proven to be a more accurate method of testing! Let’s put an end to this animal holocaust!

Your own pet could end up in one of these testing labs if it ever ends up in a shelter, given away for free, or stolen. Not all dogs stolen are sold for dog fighting "bait"! Testing Labs will pay for questions asked, and there are people who know this and WILL steal dogs from yards just for the money!

There are people who watch for ads
(especially on Craigslist) listing FREE or cheap dogs and appear to be the "perfect loving family" for your pet. They are very convincing and good at what they do! Always do a home check and ask a LOT of questions to be sure you have found a good home. Get a Vet reference if they claim they just lost their beloved pet. Be vigilant and be aware! If something doesn't "feel" right, don't sell to that person! Go with your gut instincts. Don't put yourself in an "urgent need" situation to get rid of your pet. If you must...There are rescue groups as an alternative.

Most often, if you ask for any amount over $100 (within reason), people who really want your pet as a family member won't object. People who will re-sell your pet to labs don't want to pay that much because they can't make a profit.

People who buy dogs for "bait" MAY pay as much as $300 because they know they'll make that money back if they know they have a winning fighter.

Many shelters sell animals to labs just like this one, but they'll never tell you that!


Plumber Brea, CA said...

I completely agree. It is horrible what they do to animals!

<3 Lindsay

MisZ AyA said...

sometimes i feel like we are living in a world of darkness....everybody is heartless, soulless n dumb!! wat are they thinking??? jz imagine if it wz reversed.....damn it!!!!