ASPCA Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Monday, July 13, 2009

Something to Think About Before You Take Your Dog to the Shelter

The following Blog article was written by my friends at

I'd like to thank them for their permission to copy the article here. This is truly an "IN YOUR FACE" and "HITS HOME" article I've read in a long time. I hope you'll take time to visit SAVING FURRY FRIENDS and their BLOG.

So just what did you think would happen to "Spot" if you dropped him off at the local shelter?

First let me start by saying this bulletin contains graphic images. The reason I chose to post these photos are multi-faceted. First I want to clear up any illusions that owners in southwest Va. have, that their precious dog “Spot” will surely find a home the reality is that Spot has less than a 10% chance of getting out of the shelter alive. Despite saving 204 dogs in 2008 our county shelter still had a 90% + euthanasia rate. To say say 20 dogs euthanized does not have the same effect as actually seeing it, being there. My only regret is that many of the folks I reach with this post already know what I am saying. I am preaching to the choir but for those that don't know, are not aware, here's your wake up call.

I chose today to post this after walking into a shelter to find one of the ACO’s in tears. In tears because two dogs that were just owner surrendered never even made it to the kennel area they were immediately taken to the euth room and euthanized as there literally was not a single solitary empty kennel to put them in. I post this for her, for all the people who say they couldn't do her job, for all the people who hate animal control this is a reminder that you are the reason they are needed. For those of you who say animals wouldn't die if it where not for animal control, I ask would it be better for them to die of starvation? be hit by a car only to languish in a ditch for days until death is a welcome relief? There is one person and ONE person only to blame and that is the OWNER.

I also post this for myself. For all the folks who think we try to raise funds too often, for all the folks that expect us to be cheerful as they surrender their pets, for all the folks who roll their eyes when us rescues give lectures on spay and neutering, on behavioral modification to correct behaviors that drove the owner to bring the animal to the shelter in the first place. For my extended family and friends who don't understand why we are constantly stressed but also driven.

I post this for every owner that gets a dog without ever having researched the breed. They have no idea as to the dogs size, energy level or grooming needs. A little research and you would have known that a border collie would not be a good fit in your one bedroom apartment.

I post this for every rescue out there begging for help that falls, many times, on deaf ears.

Many, if not most times, they are the only thing standing between the animals and death.

Most of the time when a plea is sent out about an animal in need many folks are generous with their funds, time and home a great number are saved but a great number are also lost and that is a side many don't see. More than anything this post is for them, in memory of them.



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