ASPCA Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Those Cute Baby Seals - Namibians Don't See Them That Way!

Warning video footage is VERY GRAPHIC!! It was in 2007 that this video was made, but it's the same year after year and this year, they banned news coverage and cameras. You might figure that ASIA has something to do with this as well.

The second-largest slaughter of marine mammals in the world is just off the southern coast of Africa in Namibia.

During what's been described as "the cruelest seal 'hunt' on the planet," The Cape fur seals are rounded up on Namibian beaches and slaughtered over a period of 20 weeks, The pups are still nursing when they are clubbed or stabbed to death.

The annual commercial seal harvesting season in Namibia officially began on July 1 with a quota of 85 000 pups due to be clubbed to death and 6,000 bulls to be shot on the country's coast.

Cape Fur seals are killed mostly for their fur. Adult males are also killed for their penises, which are exported to Asia to be used as aphrodisiacs.

Please click the links below to help.

http://www.harpseal letters_and_ emails/namibia_ email.php

http://www.unleashe take_action/ namibian- seal-slaughter/


ScoopYourDawgsPoop said...

Why the heck would people do that?!? I actually cried at seeing this.

MisZ AyA said...

fuck all of these people!!! let me club the stick to ur head or to ur baby..!! i wan u to feel jz the same as the seals felt when ure clubbing their head in front of their mothers!!! this is soooo inhumane!!! i wish the seals will haunt ur nite forever n ever asshole!!!!