ASPCA Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Thursday, May 20, 2010


While this video is not very clear, you can still see and HEAR enough to know what is happening. Police killing people's pets in their own homes and yards is increasing and they are getting away with it! Most of them are unjustified murders! I've included links to several similar stories. These are what you NEVER see on the news, yet they're sure to show dogs who attack people. What about the innocent pets who are murdered by law enforcement every single day? What kind of justice do they get? What about the families...where is there justice? JUSTICE? I believe this is becoming as extinct as many animal species.

Links to other incidents where Police kill innocent family pets and got away with it!:

Police chief brutally shoots caged dogs

Maryland Mayor's Dogs Killed During No-Knock Raid

Police Shoot, Kill 5-Pound Dog

Owner Upset After Police Shoot, Kill Dog

Innocent Dog Murdered by Police

Police shoot, kill family's dog

Police shoot family dog during 'felony stop'

Dog Killing Danville Virginia Police Officer Fired
This was 10 pound 10 year Dachshund!

Justice for Bella: Beloved family pet killed by police

The list goes on and on in which Law Enforcement used such deadly force. There were many cases in which Police entered private fenced yards because they were chasing criminals and just shot pets to death who happen to be in the yard at the time. Some were Senior dogs well over 10 years old!

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