ASPCA Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Imprisoned &Tortured All in Name of Science

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Justice for Felix

Felix was a macaque monkey who recently died after being subjected to almost a year of cruel brain his story by clicking on this banner:

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FELIX: A victim of Oxford University

Macaque monkeys,(like Felix), are intelligent, good natured and inquisitive animals. In the wild they have strong family bonds and display many "human" can be seen in these videos below:

That these intelligent and social animals to be taken from the wild to be treated in such terrible ways is utterly incomprehensible!

Macaque monkeys are often used by vivisectors because of their size and good nature. Despite the fact that they provide unreliable results, there is a global industry involved in the trapping and shipping of macaques monkeys for the "research" industry.

However, it's only after they've been snatched from their natural habitat, caged and shipped half-way around the world that their nightmare really begins. They are subjected to years of painful and invasive "tests" which cause them to live a life of fear and agony before finally being killed when their useful "life" is over...and all for unreliable experiments which only ever hinder proper research into human illnesses!!!

Whilst scientists such as Tipu Aziz would have us believe that primate experiments are essential for medical research...this is a blatant lie! Primate experiments have been shown time and again to be provide inaccurate results and have often been harmful to human health:

* Macaques are immune to the Hepatitus B virus, which is fatal to humans.

* Flosint, an arthritis medication, was tested on monkeys that tolerated the medication well, but it killed humans.

* PCP (angel dust), sedates chimpanzees but causes humans experiences including paranoia.

* Amrinone, a medication used for heart failure, was tested on numerous nonhuman primates and released without trepidation. Humans haemorrhaged, as the drug caused failure in their blood cells responsible for clotting, in 20% of patients taking the medication on a long-term basis.

* Nitrobenzene is toxic to humans but not monkeys.

* Isoproterenol killed people, but it was found to be impossible to reproduce the effects in monkeys.

* Carbenoxalone caused people to retain water to the point of heart failure - some died. This was impossible to reproduce in monkeys.

* Actinomycin-D, the first of the chemotherapy drugs, kills monkeys. None of the main human carcinogens affects monkeys.

* Drugs known to cause birth defects were tested on pregnant monkeys. Seventy percent of the drugs were safe in the monkey tests!

It's too late for Felix, but it's still our obligation to prevent more macaque monkeys being exported to laboratories to suffer his fate, or worse! If the supply of animals is restricted it's amazing how scientists find humane ways of testing, so stop the supply and stop the really is that simple!!!

The government of Mauritius is permitting the Biosphere Trading Company to trap 1,200 wild macaque monkeys and ship them to US laboratories, the license also allows Biosphere to breed and ship another 1,500 of the animals to the US every year thereafter. There is also evidence that the same Biosphere Trading Company are exporting primates to Europe and the UK.

The monkeys are frequently injured during the trapping process, they endure grueling journeys in the holds of Air Mauritius and Air France planes bound for Paris and Frankfurt. From there they are often brought by road and ferry to Dover for onward delivery to UK research centres, (such as HLS).

Mauritius' main income is from tourism, (they even have the cheek to promote "Eco Tourism"), and the income they will receive from becoming involved in this vile trade is comparatively small. Therefore if Mauritius realise that their loss from tourism is much greater than any gain from exporting macaque monkeys to a life of unimaginable horrors then they will clean up their act.

In memory of Felix and all the other macaques who've suffer equally appalling fates in laboratories around the world, send your disapproval directly to the Mauritian tourist board and let them know that you won't holiday there whilst they allow the trapping of wild primates to send to laboratories, or the breeding of those animals for the same purpose!




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Lets not forget the tens of millions of animals who are dissected, infected, injected, gassed, burned and blinded in hidden laboratories on college campuses and research facilities. These innocent animals are used against their will as research subjects in experiments and procedures that would be considered sadistically cruel were they not conducted in the name of science. Some useful links:

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