ASPCA Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why Should We Boycott China?


From: Jena
Date: 03 Sep 2007, 18:43

Thank you Jena for putting this together!

China - the up and coming economic power of the world - do not support them, please please buy products manufactured in your own country - domestic products. Do not buy Chinese Products.


See for yourself the cruelty they inflict on animals on a daily basis, deliberately drawing out pain and torture to increase the "flavour" of the meat.

China do not have any laws in place to protect animals in any shape or form - animals are nothing more than food - hells bells they eat their pets for heavens sakes!

When you have finished please click on the link and sign the petition to boycott China - the more signatures China gets the more likely their government will take note and make some changes......

Select your dog, skin it while it is alive or semi concious, then take a blow torch and burn the outside with it to seal the meat.

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When that is done start chopping it up ready for the pot or for sell off in bits

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Nothing goes to waste - the fur from the dog, cat, rabbit racoon goes into the fur trade and ends up as a trim on a hood of a jacket that winds up in your local shops. Hell even hair bands dyed different colours like blue are cat fur!

This array of food includes what looks a skinned rabbit or cat. Now cats die terribly too, they get put alive and fully concious into a pot of boiling water and get boiled while alive - to loosen the fur, the alive part is the torture part to increase flavour. The Chinese include lizards, snakes, scorpions, bugs, beetles anything that moves - gets eaten alive or dead depending on what ridiculous notion takes them. These notions usually come down to improving their pathetic manhoods!

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Cat selection is done with a pole with wire on the end, the noose is put around the neck and the cat dragged out kicking and crying.

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The animals can spend hours or days lying jam packed in tiny cages on top of one another without food or water, watching other cats and dogs being tortured and killed in front of them - the smell of fear, pain and death constantly in their nostrils.

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Rabbit below - skinned alive, it still holds its head up and waits for death - a pot of boiling water as if skinning alive was not enough!

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Raccoon below - skinned alive - it lies there raises its head, still blinking, it turns around looks at its body (as if to say omg what happened to me, where is my fur!) then drops its head down in shock and continues to breathe for a further 10 or so minutes before finally god takes its soul and sets it free from pain.

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The tiger below - sits chained on a very short chain - unable to move all day, so that tourists can pose next to it for a photo. the tiger has had three of its most important teeth removed, (the teeth it uses for tearing meat) why? So that should he bite a tourist the damage will not be too severe!

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Below - Stunned Pigs trussed to a motor cycle going to the market where they will be burned with a blow torch to remove the bits of hair off their bodies - whilst still alive! Why? It increases the flavour of the meat you know! If you must the time they reach the "shop" the stun that has kept them quiet for the bike ride has worn off and they are revived at the shop.

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Below - Chickens still alive tied to a motorcycle - how many? Sheesh you guess! these terrified chicken piled on one another go to the market to be hung by a wire placed around their feet, and plucking begins - then the throat is slit and the animal chopped up.

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Do I really have to go on? Please join the boycott of goods made in China. hit China where it hurts in the financial pocket. Lets make the Chinese government sit up and take notice that their "customers" object to their treatment of animals. Force them to make changes, sign the petition please.


* British Petition to number 10 Downing street to put pressure on the Chinese government

* American Petition to Chinese Embassy

* Worldwide Petition - IPetition1

* Worldwide Petition - IPetition2

* Catca Help Animals Homepage~ scroll down the page for a comprehensive list of petitions in different languages - sign all of them please


* China Boycott Union

And it's not just about the animals. There are many more resources and reasons to BOYCOTT CHINA...see for yourself:

Torture and Mis-treatment of prisoners
Destruction of jobs and economies by cheap imports
Military aggression and support for terrorism
China's malevolent influence around the world
Forced Abortions, birth control and sterilisations
Religious Persecution
Animal Cruelty
Forced labour
Occupation of Tibet
Occupation of Uighuristan (East Turkestan)
Repression of Political & Civic Freedom
Psychiatric abuse
Denial of Workers Rights
Harvesting and Sale of Body Parts
Support for Burmese military dictatorship
Other Human Rights Abuse






Rachel said...

What is wrong with them.... why they must eat the animal most closed to man? I have a friend, who lived in Guangdong, I just asked him recently whether he had tried dog meat before, and he said yes, that was when he was very little. He said he will go back and try the meat again cause to him the taste is good. But there are so many other choices like fish, chicken or pork. Though they are all animals, but to me, dogs and cats are different. I have a dog, I love him like my own children, and I will never in my life, kill them or eat them. Please stop eating dog and cat meat!

Anonymous said...

Debbie Said: What makes dog's and cat's any different from pig's, chicken's and cow's?? IF I did eat any type of animals I certainly wouldn't eat any meats from Chinese restaraunts. What is that in those dumplings anyway? How much does our government regulate our meat here? Not much, it's luck of the drawer, mad cow is a scary disqusting thing!

Anonymous said...

We have to do something for these suffering animals, and if it means boycotting EVERYTHING Chinese, what a small price to pay. These people are the cruelest, most sadistic unfeeling I have witnessed - except maybe in one of our research labs in USA. Speak for the voiceless and hope for these most horrible people to hear their pleas for mercy. Whats wrong with these jerks! Boycott Chinese products - Oympics of pain and suffering. Im sorry, I hate them for this. Poor, poor dogs.

k1b.y4h said...

Torturing the animal before killing it, to increase the taste of the meat? Ridiculous excuse for sadism.

When you grow up with animals, you know that some of them will end on the plate. First you like the safe and sound animal, then it dies quickly and virtually painless, then you like the meat. The meat you eat has to come from somewhere. Unless you are vegetarian, which I am not.

But this is disgusting. And at this point I do not care about the species either, since here the pieces of crap "producing" the meat are the most disgusting. Who used to call themselves humans.

Anonymous said...

These reports may be unbelievable but they are true. There are documented reports by undercover reporters indicating the following practices by the polulation police:
forced abortion of women already in full term labor by injecting poison through the woman's abdomen to kill the full term baby; burning of houses, loss of employment of families who end up with a live second child. This one is the grisliest: chinese restaurants serving dishes and soups made out of the parts of dismembered babies from abortions.

Anonymous said...

I dont think its just china, you are attacking a billion people and saying they are all wrong and dont have nothing to do with them. They all dont believe in animal cruelty... this is very upsetting but we need to save our animals here where they are being tortured on leashes all day and night with only like 3 feet of space. Sign a petition to banned leashing on trees or post. only outdoor dogs should be inside a kennel or fence.

Anonymous said...

they are jus twisted, theres no need to harm an animal.
I dont agree with torturing animals for the meat or fur.
Meat - The problem is that the people dont have that much money, and use any means nessary to make money.
Fur - NO EXCUSE FOR FUR, theres no need for it...We got synthetics, Use them instead..! Peace!

Anonymous said...

I love animals, i wouldn't hurt any, I had few dogs, I still have a lovely cat.
But I don't have a problem with people eating cats or dogs as long as the animal is killed as fast and as painlessly as possible. When you are poor and hungry you will eat anything. But torture them? Causing lots of pain? If only something could be done to stop it.....
Now as to boycott China??? I am pro but what can we really do? Nearly everything is made in China now, we don't have a choice, either buy "China" or buy nothing... in exchange our jobs are sent to China!!!
Soon we won't even be able to afford anything but China goods which are going to be much more expensive than they are now.
What we should boycott are our stores, Chinese goods and our governments for letting it happen.

Nayami said...

What the hell?! This is basically the main reason i hate china..Skinned alive? Why dogs? Why cats?, I mean we have enough pig's,chickens and stuff already. What you guys going to do? Eat humans next? Dog's and cats are friends to humans not to eat! If you going to treat animals like this then you basically should go to hell and feel how much the pain is and being burned alive.

And yes I do care about all these animals and I've regretted to have seen those photos..

I love my dogs.

Anonymous said...

it's called cultural relativism. climb out of your box and learn a little about the world. many people in china live in abject poverty and must eat whatever protein that is most cheaply available. not all of them have the luxury to afford beef or pork, so as a result they eat dogs and cats, many of which are stray. this also provides employment for many people. in china, they've been doing this for ages, to the point where it's an ingrained part of their culture. just because we think eating dogs is wrong doesn't mean that they should think the same. many cultures would condemn us for eating cows or pigs, but do we care what they think? no! our culture says it's okay to eat cows and pigs.

and as for your allegations of torture. unfortunately that term is also relative. certainly what happens to some of these dogs and cats (and rabbits) is no worse than what happens to the chickens and cows we eat over here. say what you will, but at least the chinese aren't trying to hide anything. they're not making excuses.

and if you'd known anything at all you would know that china banned the selling of dog meat (or what they'd call "fragrant meat") before the olympics started. of course that hasn't stopped everyone, i'm sure, but you should probably know that before you go making ridiculous statements like "boycott china."

Anonymous said...

Horrid, uncultured people...

Anonymous said...

Why on earth dont they just put the animal out of its misery first?! It's absolutely disgusting and horrific what they do to poor, innocent animals. I received an email a while ago relating to animal cruelty which had a short video attatched. I could hardly even watch the first 10 seconds. I nearly vomited, sick from what the racoon dogs in china go through.

Anonymous said...

Well in china they eat their babies too & they believe that you can eat anthing that can walk, swim, fly, crawl etc... I saw it with my own eyes & actually heard a chinese guy on BBC food say it. I saw on a website how they eat their dead babies & even sell the brain. These people deserve to be executed in the worst possible way. They don't deserve to live. I respect anmals more than I respect humans. Why skinned alive? How can these people... I mean (Sick F*ckers) Not feel anything for the pain the animals go through. Korea is the worst place... They believe if you torture the animal, it releases adrenalin into the meat to increase your sex drive & many other reasons. Who cares? It's a living creature. These "things" aren't people, they're scum from somewhere worse than hell. I hate them & wish them all the pain in the world. Poor animals want nothing but love. Humans on the other hand... Sigh...

Emily said...

As sickening as this all is, I would like to point out that the conditions in which animals in America are raised and slaughtered are not all that better. Vegetarianism is an excellent solution to this, and not that hard, so please consider doing it.

Judging by many of the comments on here, this is just another excuse to justify racism against a group of people or country. There are people in America doing things to animals on a daily basis that are just as cruel. And it is paid for by the government and your taxes!

Anonymous said...

Well I guess India should boycott the United States since we eat beef, and the cow is a sacred animal to them.So typical always trying to "fix" someone else's culture yet your culture is filled violence, sex,abortions,teen pregnancy,racism, sexism, classism, and religious biogtry. Fix your own problems first!

Paws4Life said...

First off...ANONYMOUS...What do You have to be afraid of that you couldn't even use your own name. Secondly, you moron, if you took the time to read many of the other blog entries, you'd see a LOT of reasons to boycott China...and many aren't related to dogs OR cats, but animals in general! Torture is what the sadistic Chinese believe in..plain and simple.

No one says you have to agree either, but's people with the kind of ignorance you show that keeps me writing this blog!