ASPCA Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beagle used in research -A slow agonizing Death

A four-month investigation launched by SAFE has revealed that beagles and other companion animals are destined for a new wave of New Zealand animal research carried out on behalf of international organisations.

Current affairs programme 60 Minutes interviewed the man at the centre of SAFE's campaign, Alan Goldenthal, who made a convincing attempt to justify the use of animals for research. SAFE felt the 60 Minutes programme was disappointing journalism. It was a weak, passive and largely unbalanced look at animal research in New Zealand. The reporter made factually incorrect statements and let the researcher go unchallenged.
Watch 60 Minutes.

A total of 318,489 living animals were used for animal research (vivisection) in New Zealand last year. The most recent national figures available reveal 757 cats and 682 dogs were used in 2006. The use of cats and dogs for research in New Zealand has doubled since 2001. Most laboratory animals will suffer. Many will die. None will be loved. If they are lucky, their death will be quick and painless, but most won't be so lucky. Help SAFE to ban cruel animal experiments now.

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Secretly filmed footage:

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Anonymous said...

Well I don't like animals to suffer. But what is the purpose of showing a video of a boarding facility showing happy beagles outdoors in a spacious clean run. Should that not be shown in some Boarding kennel add somewhere. I don't get it.It seems a bit out of place on an abuse page? Is there a point I missed somewhere???