ASPCA Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Tribute to Animal Rescuers

A special thank you from Maria Daines to the rescuers

A Rescuers Prayer

Mary Alice Pollard
Cornwall's Voice for Animals.UK
Member: (OIPA) International Organisation for Animal Protection.
NGO affiliated to the UN Department of Public Information

Helping Animal Shelters - World Wide !
The * Music United for Animals * Project:

Just Nice Photos by Mary Alice

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Anita,

thank you so much for sharing this video for the rescuer's. It's my first real attempt at a slideshow and I hope to make more films to spread the word for the tremendous people that save animals each day. I'm in awe of those who devote their time and care to the voiceless. Without such dedication many animals would not have a chance to be loved and many would remain invisible, neglected and wretched. You are a blessing and I am in awe :)

Best wishes,
Maria xx